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Louise Eugenia Ducommun 3/30/1888-10/14/1967

Louise Eugenia Ducommun was born 3/30/1888 in Chippewa Falls, WI. (FYI Virgina is the American name for Eugenia)  She married Jospeh Gokey on December 18, 1906 in Ladysmith, WI. 


Joseph Gokey was born on March 18, 1875 at Flambeau Falls, WI.  He was a lumberjack. 


Louise and Joseph had six children.

#1 Clara born 3/30/1907

#2 Raymond born 8/4/1909

#3 Irene Josephine born 4/3/1911

#4 Leonard (Bubby) born 1/13/1913

#5 Marie Virgina born 11/13/1914

#6 Philip (Phiddy) born 8/10/1916


Joseph was killed in a logging accident  at age 49 at Savord Logging Camp when the cant hook that was used to turn logs snapped back and broke his neck.  He died February 17, 1925 and is buried at Ladysmith, WI


Louise died on October 14, 1967 in Ladysmith, WI 

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